AMP Video Tutorials

Welcome to the video section of AMP Smart. If you’re an AMP Smart customer, we’ve created videos to help teach you to use your smart home automation system. If you’re a new visitor and considering home automation for your residence, we have videos to help you learn more about AMP Smart Home technology. We’ll keep adding more, so check back often.

Getting Started – AMP Smart Panel

Learn how to use the basic settings of your AMP Smart Panel to help you get started with complete home automation. Learn how to arm and disarm your system, how to use your panel camera and more!

Arming AMP Smart Panel

Disarming AMP Smart Panel

Using Emergency Panic

Checking Local Weather

About Smart Panel Glassbreak

How to Access Live Video Feed

How to Use Garage Door Module

How to Set Up Geofencing

How to Use Bluetooth Disarming

How to Use Asset Safe

How to Get Mobile Notifications

AMP Smart – Home Automation Control

Personalize your AMP Smart automation system to fit with your unique lifestyle and schedule. Learn how to control your home from your smartphone, how to automate your lights and thermostat to conserve energy and save money.

About AMP Smart Mobile Control

About Smart Thermostat Control

Using Smart Thermostat

About Smart Garage Door Control

Using Smart Lights

AMP Smart – Advanced Features

Discover and learn more about AMP Smart technology special features that have launched AMP far ahead of the competition in automation and security. Learn how Geofencing keeps your home secure and energy efficient even when you’ve left home forgetting to lock doors and adjust the thermostat. Learn how unlike most smart home systems, AMP Smart dual-path connectivity means you don’t ever have to worry about security and automation outages. And these exclusive features are just beginning…

Geofencing Smart Home Perimeter

Dual-Path Smart Home Connectivity

LTE Remote Smart Home Connectivity

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