smoke detector

Think of your home. What comes to mind? It is likely the place that is most important to you. After all, it houses the people most important to you. With that in mind, one primary priority for your home arises: keeping it, and the people inside, safe.

One of the most important ways to keep your home safe is to have an effective smoke detection system. Too many homes rely on antiquated technology that fails to provide the level of security needed to truly keep a home safe from fire. An effective smoke detection system needs to be ultra sensitive to smoke and heat while offering remote system access and alerts.

That is where smart home detection comes in. With all the references we hear every day about smart technology, we can easily tune them out. But when it comes to smart home technology, especially products that can make your home safer, you need to listen up.

A smart smoke detector links to your smart home panel and can be controlled from there and on your smartphone. There are three major benefits of smart smoke detectors that can make a life-saving difference to your home.


More Effective Detection

Smart smoke detectors use the latest technology to detect the presence of smoke using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology. Their ultra sensitivity prevents false alarms. In addition to sensing smoke, they also have heat sensors that detect rapid rises in heat that come from a fire, even when there is no smoke. This is a significant upgrade from many standard smoke detectors.


24/7 Monitoring

Even if you forget to set your smart home system, your smart smoke detector is always at work. Systems like AMP Smart’s smoke detector have long battery life that can last 3-5 years. These systems provide peace of mind by always being on guard and accessible to you no matter where you are.


Automatic Alert

Smart smoke detectors also keep your local monitoring stations on alert. If you are away from your home, your smoke detector will alert the proper authorities if it detects smoke or fire. This provides extra peace of mind if you are away for extended periods of time for vacation or work.

Smart home technology makes life easier and makes your home safer. In addition to home security and energy-saving tools, smart smoke detection is among the most important additions you can make to your home. Greater sensitivity increases the level of protection for your home and family, while remote access and control of your system keep you connected to your most important place, even when you are far away.