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What is AMP Smart?

AMP Smart is a state-of-theamp-art home automation and security system company offering cutting edge solutions for your residential and commercial property needs. Since 2007, AMP Smart has been innovating and pushing the limits on what security systems can do for you. AMP Smart’s completely customizable offerings allow you to enjoy ultimate peace of mind about the safety of your home, from anywhere in the world.

The Benefits

Customers come first at AMP Smart. AMP Smart’s systems enable you to focus more on your top priorities, such as caring for your family, enjoying a fulfilling career, and creating a life you love. You’ll worry less about what’s happening when you’re away from home and sleep more soundly knowing your home is secure. Some of the most popularly reviewed AMP products include:

AMP Smart Panel

The unparalleled AMP Smart panel gives total control from the click of your finger when paired with the AMP Smart mobile app. It allows you to control your entire home automation and security including geofencing, indoor/outdoor cameras, smart locks, doorbell camera, and more.

AMP Smart Video Doorbell

The AMP Smart video doorbell adds to your sense of security and visibility by providing you full awareness of who is at your doorstep anytime, from anywhere in the world. It allows you to see in 1080p HD, 5x zoom, and color night vision so you can spot anyone—day or night. You can take pictures and download videos to view later if you’re in a hurry. You can even silence the doorbell chime.

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AMP Smart Customer Reviews

At the start of 2019, 33.2% of U.S. households adopted home automation in some capacity. AMP Smart is proud to be a service provider to this group of people. Below you can read reviews from some of the people who have worked with AMP Smart to achieve their home security and home automation goals.

“By the time I knew it there was a panel on my wall and I’m turning on lights from my cell phone.” – Eliot M. Louisville, KY

“Last night I set the motion sensor where it activates the front room light and we both love the doorbell camera.” – Jon L. Mesa, AZ

“Love the new smart equipment and doorbell camera. Panel looks sleek and nice on the wall. Quick response time and efficient equipment.” – Melissa O. Riversive, CA

“Top of the line equipment and very helpful customer service! My parents purchased the system and they said the marketing rep was super nice and explained everything very well. There were no surprises during the whole process and the system works perfectly.” – Jarrid A. China Hills, CA

”I couldn’t be happier with the AMP smart system. The equipment is extremely innovative and simple to use, coupled with the seamless app interaction it is the best alarm system I’ve seen on the market. The company is easy to work, and the ability to add equipment on as I go without an increase to my monitoring is very unique to this company.” – Calen C Ontario, CA

“AMP SMART has been nothing but great to my family and I. I feel a lot more safe at home and away when I have my alarm system on. I no longer fear leaving my house because I know I will be covered if anything were to happen. Being a soon to be mom and transitioning into being home most of the day it brings a lot of peace of mind. Gary and Dave really helped us out and gave us the best deal possible. If you’re looking for a good investment, your safety and the safety of those you love is never a bad place to start.” – Haley T. Portland, OR

“THE BEST COMPANY!!!! I love the protection that AMP offers my family. I researched a lot of alarm companies before I decided to go with AMP. They offered excellent products at a great price. The technician was so nice and helpful with teaching me how to use my panel. When we had a baby we wanted to have them install a window sensor in her room and they came the next day.” – Stacy H. Escondido, CA

“The technical support representative was extremely friendly and professional and she helped me out with all of my issues. I would recommend Amp Smart to all of my family and friends..” – James E.

“Anytime we’ve needed help AMP has been excellent. Our old security company doesn’t even come close. The tech that helped me (Hunter) was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. We are very happy with the level of customer service at AMP. We will recommend to all of our family and friends.” – Josh C.

“Love that i can control the A/C, doorbell camera, lights and even open or close the garage door from my cellphone. Best costumer service I have ever seen.” – William G.

“I’ve had AMP security for 4 months and love all the features. On several occasions I’ve had to call with questions and each time have connected quickly with a friendly, professional very knowledgeable agent! This company should be the role model for excellent customer service and great quality product!” – BCase

“Left home for a week; forgot to set the alarm. Have a new phone and the AMPSmart app wasn’t on it. I needed help and I got it – almost unheard of in this day and age! Two young ladies, one in customer service and one in tech support, walked me through the process and I was able to set the alarm. And each managed to accomplish that daunting task pleasantly, competently and with a smile on their faces that I could hear!!! Thanks you two.” – Dennis A.

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