Motion Sensor

Detects unexpected movement
in your home day or night


Feel Protected in Your Home with the AMP Smart Motion Sensor

Motion sensors, much like solar panels, haven’t advanced technologically in years. That’s because companies like AMP Smart have nearly perfected the tech with their motion sensor.

If you are someone who loves home automation and wants every aspect of your home covered day and night, AMP Smart’s motion sensor is for you. This key aspect of any home security system gives you the comfort of knowing it’s going to work 24/7 and alert you of any motion around your home.

Why a Motion Sensor?

An AMP Smart motion sensor complements even the greatest security system. Coupled with the AMP Smart Home Panel, a motion sensor can cover points of your home not covered by cameras.

If you have a window above some roof access, you may not think to monitor that due to it being on the second level. Home intruders are aware that you think this way and will try to get into your home through the window.

You don’t want to dedicate an expensive, high-definition camera to that one spot. So installing a motion detector in that very spot is perfect. You may also want to use one in places like the inside of a garage, next to your floodlights, or a breezeway.

The AMP Smart motion sensor is effective up to 35 feet, immune to pets up to 40 pounds, and features infrared technology, making it extremely accurate and reliable.

And when you pair it with the AMP Smart mobile app, you can get updates right to your phone if motion is detected.

If there are parts of your home you feel are missing security, maybe it’s time to take things to the next level with an AMP Smart Motion Sensor. Come see what AMP Smart can do for your home—and your family.


  • Detects motion up to 35 feet
  • Pet “immune” for animals under 40 lbs
  • Reliable time-tested technology
  • Receive text alerts


up to 35’


Pet immune
40 lbs





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Motion Sensor

With the AMP Smart motion sensor you can feel secure knowing intruders will be detected day or night.

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