Mini Door/Window Sensor

Get Unexpected Door
and Window Entry Alerts


There’s a lot of reasons you might might want to know if your door has been opened. Maybe you have a pushy mother-in-law who likes to drop in unannounced. Maybe you have a toddler who’s figured out how to work the deadbolt. Maybe you just want to be alerted if there’s a breakin. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered.

Our wireless door/window entry monitor can alert you the moment the door or window has been opened, both by alarm, and by text alert (in case you’re out and about). The minimalist design of the device draws very little attention to itself, and it’s easy to install. Afford yourself peace of mind with a small addition to your most vulnerable areas in your home, and always be aware of the comings and goings of your home.


  • Dual batteries for 8-10 year battery life
  • Mini low profile design
  • Redesigned board for extended range and improved performance
  • Rare earth magnet for a more forgiving gap
  • Terminal block for adding external contacts

Text Alerts


Discrete Design


Long Battery Life


Peace of Mind

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Mini Door/Window Sensor

Peace of mind is knowing that if a break-in happens, someone will be there to respond 24/7.

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