Indoor Smart Camera

Peep in on Fluffy to
make sure she’s behaving



Indoor AMP Smart cameras help maintain the safety and well-being of everyone in your home. They can send you a text alert if motion is detected in the night, letting you know if an intruder is in your home. It can help you monitor your children when they come home from school to make sure they get home safe (and get right to their homework). Live feeds can help you determine if your teenager is throwing a party while you’re away. Recorded video can help you identify who the culprit is that sneaks food from the fridge at night, and leaves it open.

You can use it to check on the babysitter, see if you left the lights on, and make sure Fluffy is behaving. More than anything else, an AMP Smart camera gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re always up to speed on what’s happening inside your home.


  • View inside of home anytime and anywhere
  • Live Video feed to your smartphone or browser
  • View recorded clips
  • Receive video clip mobile alerts



View Home
On Phone


Recorded Clips


Text Alerts


Live Streaming

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