Glass Break Sensor

Eliminates the window of
opportunity for intruders


Intruders aren’t always looking to come in through the front door. For those unafraid to make some noise, breaking in through a window is an appealing alternative to forcing a lock. That’s why we offer our security glass break sensor. Installed near vulnerable windows and with a sensor range of up to 20 feet, the device can alert you in the event of forced entry. Best of all, it stays active in both “stay” and “away” security modes.

With the glass break sensor in place, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted the moment an intruder attempts to enter your home.


  • Remains active when you arm AMP smart system in “stay” or “away” modes
  • Typically installed on the wall opposite the windows needing protection, or on the ceiling in a room with windows on multiple sides
  • Up to 20’ range
  • LED light activates when device detects sound


Activate in stay
and away modes


Up to 20’


LED activates when sound detected

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