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AMP Smart Geofencing

Imagine getting a warm welcome from your home when you return from a long day. Not only from the people and pets in your house, but from your house itself. Does that sound unusual? Well, it is becoming more of a part of our lives.

Geofencing involves a digital perimeter, or series of perimeters, around your house that allows you to do a number of amazing things. You can sync your AMP Smart home automation system with your smartphone so your smart home knows when you are approaching.

You can set your geofencing detection to get your home ready for you when you arrive. When you reach a certain distance from your home, pre-programmed by you, the furnace or air conditioner can get the temperature just how you like it. This not only makes your home more comfortable for you when you arrive, but it also saves energy while you are gone.

In addition to convenience and energy savings, geofencing gives you greater security. You can get security push notifications once you leave your home. You can also get notified when members of your household arrive at home safely. You’ll never have to wonder when the kids get home from school. If any doors or windows are opened, you will be the first to know.

The advantages of geofencing are endless. You can make your home safer through advanced security and monitoring features. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is locked, closed, and turned off when you are away. This is especially helpful when you are away for extended periods of time on vacation or business trips. The energy saving features will make your home more environmentally friendly and save you a bundle in heating and cooling costs. The added conveniences that you can enjoy with the geofencing features of your smart home system will make your house feel even more like home.


  • Lights: Turns on/off any smart light bulbs for your home
  • Reminders: Get notified if you forget to arm your system, lock doors, shut garage, or leave a window open
  • Temperature: Automatically adjust the thermostat temperature when you leave or return home
  • Notifications: Set up custom push notifications (‘family member has arrived home safe’)
  • Sync Location: Sync AMP Smart system to your proximity location
  • Simple: No additional equipment required


System detects
your location




open alert


Doors unlocked

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