Garage Door Module

Be able to open or close
your garage from anywhere.


AMP Smart Garage Door Module

Have you ever driven five miles out of town, only to have to turn back when you realize you forgot to close your garage door? Forgetful nuisances and safety concerns like this can be a thing of the past with the help of the AMP Smart Garage Door Module.

Convenience for your smart home

This helpful device pairs with your AMP Smart Panel or AMP Smart Mobile App to control your garage door remotely, meaning you can open and close your garage or house gate from anywhere. This tool will come in handy in countless situations, whether you’re laying in bed and want to close the garage, or have someone coming to care for your pet and need to let them in through the gate, etc. The module also includes geofencing, which alerts you if you drive away and forget to close the garage. No need to wonder anymore.

Connect with other devices

The AMP Smart Garage Door Module easily connects to your home router and can control up to 16 MyQ-Enabled devices, adding to the convenience of the device. The garage door module also allows for setting a schedule for your garage to open or close at a certain time every day, making the school drop-off or work commute that much quicker.

Set up text alerts to stay completely up to date on the status and settings of your AMP Smart Garage Door Module. By adding the module to the features of your smart home, you’ll gain comfort and peace of mind.


  • Allows you to open and close the garage door or gate from anywhere
  • Controls up to 16 MyQ®-Enabled devices
  • Easily connects to the home router
  • Schedule your garage to close a certain time every evening
  • Geofencing enabled: alerts you if you drive away and forget to close your garage


Mobile Control


Text Alerts


Create Schedules

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Garage Door Module

Did I leave the garage door open? If you ever leave your garage door open get notified, and close it right from your phone.

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