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AMP Smart Energy Metering

AMP Smart energy metering allows you to take control of all the processes that go on in your home. You can monitor and change how your home operates in ways that will save you money and make your life more convenient.

Smart energy metering allows you to control how your home is heated and cooled. When you think about how much money you spend each year on heating and cooling costs, this can really add up. Now think about the many hours you spend away from your home. Why pay money to make your home more comfortable when nobody is there? You can program your home to not only heat or cool less when you are away. You can also program it to be just right for you when you return.

Smart energy monitoring goes even further. Your system can tell you when doors or windows are left open so that you can avoid the additional costs of your furnace or air conditioner running unnecessarily. Your system will also monitor your lighting and outlets. If you leave a light on downstairs, your system will let you know you are lighting a room that no one is in. The same goes for electronics. How many times do we forget to turn off the television or an appliance? Your smart energy monitoring system will let you know.

You can monitor your home’s energy use when you are away. If you forgot to change your settings before leaving town, no problem. You can do it on your phone with your AMP Smart app. Your system can also tell you that you left the lights on when you left for work in the morning, and you can shut them off when you are away.

With smart energy monitoring, you can make your home more energy efficient. This helps you do your part with the environment, and the savings can really add up.


  • Monitors energy usage of a plug in device
  • For use with small appliances and all types of lighting including, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, Halogen, and Xenon
  • Monitors energy usage of a plug in device
  • Wirelessly controls on/off functions of lamps and small appliances
  • Energy monitoring Module contains one Z-Wave AC outlet
  • Horizontal design prevents additional receptacle outlet blockage
  • Lower energy costs and save money


Monitor Energy Usage


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