AMP Smart Thermostat

Adjusts automatically to help you save money.


AMP Smart Home Thermostat: A New Way to Save


Have you ever considered automating your home but don’t have the resources needed to outfit your entire house with the latest and greatest automation gadgets? Fortunately, home automation isn’t an all-or-nothing commitment; you can start by installing some of the fundamental features that will help you save money and live easy.

The Smart Home Thermostat from AMP Smart is one of the most valuable automation products on the market today and offers significant benefits.

Benefits of an AMP Smart Home Thermostat


Along with bringing ease and consistency to temperature control, the AMP Smart Home Thermostat boasts several advantages to homeowners including:

  • Big savings: An AMP Smart Thermostat alone can save you an average of $131 to $141 every year on energy costs.
  • Remote control: Thanks to Wi-Fi capabilities, you can adjust the temperature of your thermostat remotely, which helps encourage you to make smart, energy-conscious choices when it comes to controlling heat and air in your home.
  • Thoughtful features: Designed to bring ease and efficiency to your home temperature control efforts, the AMP Smart Home Thermostat features useful characteristics like automatic temperature adjustment if you leave a window open or are away from home. It also makes effective adjustments on very hot or very cold days and allows you to customize the daily temperature schedule.


As an added bonus, the AMP Smart Home Thermostat has a sleek, low-profile design that can be seamlessly incorporated into your home, regardless of style or decor.

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Installing Your Thermostat


At AMP Smart, it’s our goal to outfit your home with smart automation products that make your life easier. Our team of experienced tech experts can walk you through the operating process of your thermostat and can also help you design a customized automation package that saves you money and makes home life easier. Are you ready to start your home automation journey? Call AMP Smart today to learn more about the Smart Home Thermostat or to request a free quote for your automation needs.


  • One touch alert
  • Uses every sensor in you smart home system to determine the most comfortable temperature
  • Adjusts automatically on extremely hot or cold days to save you money
  • Reacts to your location in real-time
  • Adjusts temperature as soon as you leave home or open a window
  • Save energy and money with the AMP Smart Thermostat powered by


Adjusts to save money


Adaptive Learning


Energy Conserving


Custom Scheduling

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AMP Smart Thermostat

Did I leave thermostat on? If you leave town the AMP Smart Thermostat will ask if you’d like to adjust it’s settings right from your phone!

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