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AMP Smart Mobile App

Have you ever left the house and wondered if you turned off the lights or locked the door? Have you ever wanted to check up on your kids when you left them with a babysitter? Have you ever wished you could see and communicate with people who come to the door no matter whether you were home or away? The AMP Smart Mobile app enables you to do all of this and so much more.

Smart App Features

The AMP Smart Mobile App was designed to provide our customers the comfort and peace of mind that only knowledge and control can give. We want our customers to feel safe both inside their home and out.

The app gives homeowners control of their home automation devices on Z-Wave lengths all through a convenient smartphone app. The app provides the following features and more:

  • Remote control of smart thermostat: Adjust the temperature while you are away to save money.
  • Access to smart video doorbell: From your phone, you can remotely monitor the front door day and night, record video and take photos, turn off the doorbell chime, and communicate with visitors using 2-way audio.
  • Control of lights and locks: You can turn on and off lights in any room connected to your system. You can also remotely lock and unlock doors as well as open and shut your garage door.
  • View of indoor smart cameras: Keep an eye on your kids and pets when you’re away.
  • Real-time notifications: Receive notifications of activity at your home from motion-detecting cameras, smart locks, fire alarms, etc.

The AMP Smart Mobile App is available on both the Android Store and the iOS App store. It is powered by, which is a trusted name for more than 2 million people.Take control of your home with the AMP Smart Mobile App today.


  • Powered by – trusted by over 2 million people
  • Turn your smart system on and off remotely
  • Control Z-Wave lighting
  • Conveniently control your system functions from anywhere
  • Receive AMP Smart system notifications anytime, anywhere
  • Available on iTunes App Store and Android Store



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