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Forgetting to lock the door is a pain. You stress about it the whole time you’re out of the house, worried that someone will slip into your home and take what they please. Or worse yet, that they’ll be there when you get back. In order to get the peace of mind you deserve, you need to know for sure that your door is locked each time you leave. That’s where AMP Smart locks come in.

With AMP Smart locks linked to your AMP Smart panel, you’ll get text or email notifications if you leave home with the door unlocked. Then, you can lock it remotely from your phone, from anywhere in the world. You can even use the geofencing feature on the smart locks to have the door lock automatically when you leave the property, and unlock when you return (meaning no more fumbling for the keys when your arms are full of groceries).

AMP Smart locks are the key to a safer, more convenient smart home.


  • Enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home
  • The lock allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely check the door lock status
  • Lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages
  • Geofencing enabled: if you travel away from your home you receive an alert and an option to lock from your phone


Wireless Communication


Door Lock
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Safety Meets Convenience: Never worry if the doors are locked. Get notified if you drive away and you forgot to lock up.

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