Identity theft can happen anywhere. To keep yourself safe from identity theft you need to make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions digitally, while you are out and about, and even when you are at home. We at AMP Security can help you in securing your home with a home security system. While our security systems are monitoring your home it is up to you to make the necessary precautions in all other areas regarding possible identity theft.


Make use of your Shredder

While a lot of mail can be digital these days, you are bound to still get various bills and document information by mail. After opening your mail you will want to take some precautions before just tossing it in the trash. Dumpster divers will go to any length to retrieve personal information from your tossed out mail. This is why you will want to make use of your paper shredder before throwing any mail away. To protect yourself even further you will want to use the two-bag approach. Separate your shredded mail into two separate bags. This will make it nearly impossible for those who are trying to get your personal information.


Protect your Mailbox

In order to protect yourself from identity theft at home you will want to make sure you are protecting your mailbox. Most often it is all too easy for prying eyes to get into your mailbox and take what they can. Secure your mailbox with a lock and key if possible. You will want to keep track of what you are getting in the mail as well. If you notice a billing statement that is late or the delay of a bill you will want to make sure your mail hasn’t been forwarded or taken by someone else. Check your mail often so you can keep track. If possible, have as many billing statements as you can sent to you digitally.


Identity theft is on the rise, and you will want to take the precautions necessary in protecting yourself from being a victim. To help you in further protecting you, your family, and your identity in your home you can trust AMP Security to provide you with a security system. Our systems and accessories will cover all the areas in your home that you can’t 24 hours a day. Call us today for more information on improving your home security.