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Home Automation in Lexington/Northern Kentucky

At AMP Smart of Lexington/Northern, Kentucky, we make automating your home simple. Home automation is all about accommodation, after all. From equipment like your garage door opener to the locks on your doors, we can help you with anything in your home that requires automation. Our solutions will help you make sure your smart home is secure and running like it should, even if you’re miles away. Some of our cutting-edge technology can even help you save money on your utility bill. Our number one priority is giving you the benefits of convenience, savings, security, and peace of mind.

We can help you create a smart home that meets your family’s every need. AMP Smart of Lexington/Northern, Kentucky, has been in the business of automating people’s homes for years, so we know a thing or two about how to do it right. Just like no two families are the same, no two homes have the same automation needs. That’s why we train our staff to help you design a custom smart home that works for you. Consult with our team of expert professionals to get the right fit and the right equipment.

Smart Home Items

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Innovative Options for Home Automation

We offer a wide array of automation products and services. These are just a few:

Garage Door Module
Open and close your garage door, anywhere.

Door and Window Sensors
An alert is sent to your phone whenever a door or window is opened

Video Doorbell
Keep an eye on unexpected visitors and packages on your doorstep.

Smart Door Locks with Keypad
Lock and unlock your door remotely, and get a notification when a door is unlocked.

Indoor Smart Cameras
Mobile home surveillance whenever you need it.

Asset Safe
Our easy-to-mount, secure, and pry-resistant safe sends alerts whenever it’s opened.

Smart Thermostat
Monitor your home temperature and change the temperature settings, wherever you are.

Smoke Detector
Using state of the art technology, our smoke detector can sense a fire with or without smoke.

Motion Sensor
Still cameras are integrated into our motions sensors, so you can see exactly what’s going on the moment movement is sensed.

Smart Outlets
Control any lights plugged into our smart outlets from your phone.

Medical Wellness Button
Loved ones who have special medical needs can receive the care they need, even when you’re away from home.

The new AMP Smart Panel

This changes everything.

The first panel as smart as your smartphone. Smart enough to:

  • Turn your lights on, unlock the door, and adjust the temperature as you pull in the driveway
  • Effortlessly update its own software
  • Prevents system hacks and includes photo disarming
  • And so much more with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, LTE, and Cellular capabilities…

AMP Smart from Your Phone

Our award-winning mobile app makes it easy to control and monitor your home anywhere. With the AMP Smart Mobile App, you can access all of your smart home devices anywhere you have an internet connection. With intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, using the app with to get the most out of your smart devices won’t require a second thought.

“We love that we can control everything from our smartphones… and receive notifications about activity at our front door.”

– Billie Woods

Home Automation and Security Experts

AMP Smart is dedicated to offering you the most cutting-edge home automation and security services available. At AMP Smart in Lexington/Northern, Kentucky, we want to help you equip the smart home that works best for your family. Go online and request a quote, or call us today at (800) 817-3918 and we’ll customize our cutting-edge products and services to your needs.

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