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Can I get a deduction on my homeowner’s insurance?

The discount on your homeowner’s insurance varies depending on your provider and the number of discounts you are currently getting on your policy. While we cannot guarantee a specific percentage of savings we will provide you with the needed proof of protection for your insurance company. Please call Customer Service and provide the name and fax number of your insurance agent, we will be happy to send a Certificate of Security System Installation to your agent.

My county requires a permit and I didn’t get one. How do I obtain a permit?

At the end of your installation the technician will fill out the local permit forms that are needed and they will be automatically submitted. You should receive a confirmation from your local police or county office. If you did not receive a permit please call (800) 817-3918 and we will take care of submitting the proper paperwork to your county office.

Do you monitor other home security companies’ equipment?

In most cases we can, depending on your existing system and contractual obligations. It is possible to use your existing equipment by updating the security keypad. In more than 90% of cases we are able to utilize your existing equipment.

I’m a renter. Can I get a home security system?

The property owner is required to sign the service agreement. If your landlord agrees to sign the agreement, it is possible. The system must be installed in the property owner’s name. The property owner will receive and be responsible for the bills. The customer’s System Move Policy applies only to the homeowner and not the renter.

How much does a security system cost?

The cost varies depending on your area and the type of equipment and monitoring desired. With most home owner’s insurance discounts, installation and monitoring costs are very affordable. To find out what your local rates start at please call (800) 817-3918.

Will my monitoring rate increase during the initial term of the agreement?

The monitoring company has not increased customer monitoring rates and maintains a commitment to lock your monitoring rate for the entire term of your agreement. The only reason your monitoring rate may increase is due to increased taxes, licenses, permits, or fees which a utility or governmental agency may charge relating to the services provided.

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