Breaking and entering, theft, robbery . . . these are all words used to describe a home burglary. No matter which one you use, they all come down to someone entering your home without permission with intent to commit a crime.


Here are some cold, hard facts:


  • Suburban homes are 50% more likely to be burglarized than homes in city centers because they are located in low traffic areas and have easy access to every side of the house.


  • 65% of the time, a home is burglarized during daytime hours when the owners are more likely to be away.


Explore the crime reports in your neighborhood if you need any more convincing that you must have adequate home protection.


Knowing how to protect your home from burglary is vital. Your home is where your family and all your possessions reside. Having it broken into and getting property taken is terrible enough, but the fear and vulnerability your family will feel long afterward are worse.


If you want your family to feel safe and your stuff kept secure, follow these suggestions.


Start or Join a Neighborhood Watch

Whether an officially organized neighborhood watch group or a self-formed group of concerned neighbors, this method of home protection is one of the oldest and most effective in the country, tracing its roots back to the days of colonial settlements.


The National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff the Crime Dog offer a few tips when starting a neighborhood watch:


  • Work with your police or sheriff’s office.
  • Canvass door-to-door to recruit members.
  • Gather crime facts about your neighborhood.
  • Hold regular meetings to get to know each other and discuss strategies.
  • Ask people who seldom leave their homes to be “window watchers.”


Just remember, neighborhood watch groups are not vigilantes and should never act as such.  


Use a Safe

Burglars love to steal jewelry, cash, and other valuables that are easy to grab and go. The contents in a safe are not easy to access, but if someone tries to open or succeeds in opening an asset smart safe, you’ll be texted an alert immediately.


Get a Dog

When 86 burglars were interviewed and asked if dogs were a deterrent, most said yes. However, it depends on the breed. Guardian breeds tend to be loyal, fearless, strong, and protective. Most people immediately think of Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers when thinking about protecting their home, but Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Shepherd dogs are good guards as well.


There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to go this route for home protection. First, these dog breeds need proper socialization and behavior training in order to prevent undue aggression. Second, your homeowner’s insurance may go up depending on the type of dog you own. Third, there is a chance that a burglar will have some dog-whispering tricks up his sleeve which could influence this type of protection.


Close the Garage

Even, or especially, if you live in a good neighborhood, never leave your garage door open. Make sure the door from your garage into your house is as secure as your front door and has a deadbolt. If your garage has windows, frost them so thieves can’t see if you’re home or not. Regularly inspect and maintain the mechanical parts of your garage door.


If you park your car in the driveway, don’t leave the garage door remote in it. Instead, try a Smart Garage Door Module that lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere and notifies you if you drive away without closing it.


Lock Your Doors

An unlocked door has been an open invitation to many a thief. It can be hard remembering to lock the house every time you leave, especially when you are in a rush. That’s when a smart lock comes in handy. You can set it to lock automatically when you leave your house or you can set it to send you a notification if a door is left unlocked. You can then lock it remotely.


Install Door and Window Sensors

If you want to be notified if one of your doors or windows has been opened, you can be alerted by installing a mini door/window sensor. These wireless devices monitor and alert either you or a security firm the moment someone enters or exits your property.


Attach a Glass Break Sensor

Typically attached on the wall opposite the windows needing protection or on the ceiling in a room with windows on multiple walls, a glass break sensor has a range of up to 20 feet. The LED light activates and will alert you when the device detects sound.


Put Up a Video Doorbell

Burglary doesn’t just happen inside your home but can happen on your front porch as well. “Porch Pirates” take the opportunity to snatch packages that have been left at your doorstep. Thirty-one percent of people have had packages stolen.


Putting up a video doorbell may help deter criminals from stepping foot on your porch. With 180-degree recordable camera views, night vision, motion sensors with an effective range of eight feet, and the two-way audio, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your porch at all times.


Put a Home Security Sign on Your Lawn

While placing the sign of a home security company on your window or lawn will make a would-be thief pass on by, this tactic is usually only effective if it is legit. Phony stickers or signs are easy to spot, especially for professional criminals.  


Hang Exterior and Interior Smart Cameras

Exterior smart cameras will let you see what’s going on outside your home at any time, from anywhere. Live feeds can even be streamed to your phone or web browser.


Indoor smart cameras help maintain the safety and well-being of everyone (and everything) in your home. You will be alerted if an intruder has been detected and you can watch recorded footage to see if a known person is taking advantage of being left alone in your home.


Add a Motion Image Sensor

Why would you want a smart image motion sensor? Since they go to the next level of motion detection by adding images and recording clips that can be sent straight to your smartphone, you won’t be stuck not knowing what’s triggering the alarm, like you are with an out-of-date motion sensor.  


Have Complete Control Whether You Are Home or Away

Whether you’re home or away, if you’re worried about how to protect your home from burglary, a Smart Panel gives optimal convenience with effortless control. Encrypted signals prevent hacks and an integrated camera captures a picture of anyone trying to access or disarm your alarm system. Best of all, it connects to your smartphone and even syncs with your Amazon Echo. No matter where you are, you can get the help you need, when you need it with video alerts, text alerts, and optional security monitoring.


Get a quote today and get on your way to giving your family the security they need while living in a safer home.