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We are a leading home automation provider inColumbus, Ohio.

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Home Automation in Columbus, Ohio

Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe. With AMP Smart Home of Columbus, Ohio, getting that peace of mind has never been easier. Our team has years of experience providing home security and home automation in Columbus, Ohio. They will outfit your home with the best technology available, in a manner that is tailored specifically to your family’s needs. The health, safety, and convenience of your loved ones are paramount to our team as we consult with you to develop the optimal solution for your family.

Smart Home Items

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Smart Home Features

Our advanced smart home technology allows you to feel secure because you will always know exactly what is going on in your home:

Smart Video Doorbell
Allows you to know who is at the door whether your home or away.

Smart Door Locks
You can make sure your place is locked up, even when you are away from home.

Smart Thermostat
Control the temperature in your home remotely with the AMP Smart Mobile App.

Smart Mobile App
Access and control your smart home’s technology from the palm of your hand.

Smart Exterior Cameras
Constantly have eyes on your home with our exterior cameras no matter the time of day.

Smart Asset Safe
Protect all of you most valuable possessions and important documents.

Smart Garage Door Module
Let a dog-sitter into your locked home by opening the garage door.

Smart Outlets
Schedule or control your lighting from your phone.

Allows you piece of mind that your home will be secure once you leave/enter a designated geographical area.

Smart Energy Metering
Monitor your home’s energy usage through the AMP Smart Mobile App to see where you can save on utility bills.

Smart Motion Image Sensor
Be alerted instantly when someone triggers your image sensor through the AMP Smart Mobile App.

Smart Mini Door/Window Sensors
Be alerted if someone breaks into your home through any exterior door or window.

The new AMP Smart Panel

This changes everything.

The first panel as smart as your smartphone. Smart enough to:

  • Turn your lights on, unlock the door, and adjust the temperature as you pull in the driveway
  • Effortlessly update its own software
  • Prevents system hacks and includes photo disarming
  • And so much more with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, LTE, and Cellular capabilities…

AMP Smart Home Automation Capabilities

All of our smart home solutions work together to provide you with the safety and peace of mind of home security along with the convenience of home automation. Our representatives will work with you to find the ideal quantity and placement of sensors, cameras, and modules. We are passionate about providing security and automation at an affordable price. Our home automation services can even save you money on heating, cooling, and electricity bills.

“We love that we can control everything from our smartphones… and receive notifications about activity at our front door.”

– Billie Woods

Cutting Edge Home Security Experts

At AMP Smart Home of Columbus, Ohio, consultations and estimates are always free. Our representatives would be happy to meet with you and go over what AMP Smart can do for your home. Contact us to experience the comfort and peace of mind that comes with owning a smart home. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you would like to learn more, give us a call at (800) 817-3918

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