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We are a leading home automation provider inAustin, Texas.

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Home Automation in Austin, TX

These days, we expect our homes to keep up with our needs for safety and security, and at AMP Smart Austin, we make it possible. With the help of our security and home automation services, we make keeping your home and most precious belongings safe—a possibility no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for a way to make portions of your home smarter, or to maintain peace of mind while you’re away, our home automation in Austin, TX has you covered.

At AMP Smart Austin, we’ve spent years serving local area homeowners. Being a part of the community too, we understand the importance of protecting the things that matter most, like your family and your home. Our mobile app can make that possible with just the click of a button.

Smart Home Items

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A Safe & Secure Home

Think you may have forgotten to close the garage door? Want to see who’s ringing your doorbell without stepping foot near the door? Need to make sure your alarm is armed after you leave the house? All of this and more is possible with our home security and automation systems.

Here are some options we offer to help you build a smart home that accommodates your needs:

Smart Thermostat
Manage the interior temperature of your home quickly and easily from your phone.

Smart Outlets
Turn lights on and off remotely that are plugged into these outlets.

Medical Wellness Button
Medical emergency alert to get help for an elderly or disabled loved one quickly.

Door and Window Sensors
Notification anytime a window or door is opened at your home.

Indoor Smart Cameras
Mobile home surveillance whenever you need it.

Smart Thermostat
Monitor your home temperature and change the temperature settings, wherever you are.

Indoor Smart Cameras
Access to view the interior of your home whether you’re out of town or just outside.

Asset Safe
Alerts you when someone has opened the safe.

Smoke Detector
Able to detect a fire whether or not smoke is present.

Motion Sensor
Triggered by movement within the home, these sensors contain cameras so you can see in real time who or what set off these sensors.

The new AMP Smart Panel

This changes everything.

The first panel as smart as your smartphone. Smart enough to:

  • Turn your lights on, unlock the door, and adjust the temperature as you pull in the driveway
  • Effortlessly update its own software
  • Prevents system hacks and includes photo disarming
  • And so much more with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, LTE, and Cellular capabilities…

AMP Smart Mobile App

Monitor your home conveniently from your smart device when you’re away from home at school, work, on vacation, or running errands. Control all of your AMP Smart devices in one easy-to-use app powered by View live feed from your security cameras or motion image sensors, arm and disarm your security system, control lights, and adjust your thermostat easily all from your phone.

“We love that we can control everything from our smartphones… and receive notifications about activity at our front door.”

– Billie Woods

AMP Smart Has You Covered

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